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Why are SYM cranes good?

Our cranes are made in China in a SYM factory with an area of 1.08 million square meters.
SYM has been manufacturing cranes for 68 years.
SYM cranes build objects of any complexity: from residential buildings to nuclear power plants.

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What do you get?

We develop a project for the production of works "PPR" for 5-7 days.
We deliver, install and increase the crane to the desired height in 2-4 days
We carry out scheduled maintenance of the crane 2 times a month
We dismantle and remove the crane from the site
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How we are working?



You leave a request by phone or on our website

Rental Details

Our engineer will contact you to discuss working conditions and calculate the cost of rent


We draw up and sign a contract, and then deliver the crane to the facility


Still have questions about your rental?

Leave a request and we will contact you for a detailed consultation

It doesn’t oblige you to anything

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