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The construction of large facility is inextricably entwined with the use of different tower cranes, since these cranes are the main construction equipment. AVIA-TECHSERVICE is one of the first companies, which have carved out a niche in the market of new high-speed high-rise tower cranes, and the first importer of a Chinese crane into Ukraine. The company is still holding its leading position and is a reliable partner and responsible contractor.

Nowadays, AVIA-TECHSERVICE LLC is an exclusive Ukrainian distributor of one of major tower crane manufacturers, SYM (SHENYANG SANYO BUILDING MACHINERY CO., LTD (China)). As far as is known, SYM’s products provide the best combination of price and quality.

SYM tower cranes have proved their performance over time. For more than 13 years, AVIA-TECHSERVICE operates SYM’s lifting equipment on Ukrainian construction sites. During this period, SYM tower cranes have proved their compliance with strict strength, reliability and convenient operation requirements.





One of the major tower crane manufacturers SYM (SHENYANG SANYO BUILDING MACHINERYCO., LTD (China))
Due to their price/quality ratio, SYM tower cranes are the best decision for construction operations. They proved themselves to be the high-quality and reliable equipment, with excellent load-lifting parameters and reliable performances under harsh conditions of construction sites.


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